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RuneScape Receives a New Skill Today, Archaeology, For the First Time In Years

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Poorna Shankar Posted:
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RuneScape’s archaeology skill finally launches today. Here are the details.

You’ll journey on an adventure across five massive new locations to unearth mysteries that will reveal secrets from Gielinor’s rich history. Archaeology is the 28th skill to come to RuneScape, and the most powerful in the game’s 19-year history, according to the accompanying press release. Archaeology is available up to level 20 for free-to-play players, and arrives with a level cap of 120.

You’ll excavate and restore artifacts using their gathering talents, while the discovery of ancient relics will unlock powerful game-wide perks. As you explore the expansive dig sites, you’ll also uncover ancient training methods for new powers - Ancient Summoning and Ancient Invention.

Kharid-Et is the first dig site players will encounter, which lies beneath the sand near the city of Al Kharid. Other locations include:

  • Everlight: Uncover items and try to extinguish the lighthouse at the heart of this former Icyene settlement.
  • The Infernal Source: Located underneath the Wilderness Volcano, players will learn about Zamorak's connection with demons, and the origins of demons in Gielinor.
  • Stormguard Citadel: A former Armadylean fortress and laboratory with a connection to the Temple of Ikov.
  • Warforge!: An abandoned Bandosian military installation for goblins in Feldip Hills.

The launch of this new skill also teases the highly anticipated Elder God Wars Dungeon, which will see the titans that created the world rise up again, coming later this year.


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