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RuneScape Provides Update on Server Login Issues

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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It looks like RuneScape server login issues have persisted with the team providing an update on the matter.

Despite previous reports of servers being back online, it’s clear that some players still have not been able to log in. Additionally, it looks like no accounts were lost during this whole login issue debacle plaguing the game for the past several days,

“We're reading your messages and know some of you are concerned about accounts being lost. To be extra clear: this is a temporary issue - no accounts have been lost or will remain permanently stuck.”

Recently, the team are moving into “solution phase.” In a post from Mod Warren, it was noted that all Old School RuneScape players in addition to 99% of RuneScape accounts were unaffected. However, for that 1% of players that aren’t able to log in, Mod Warren notes that the team, ”will not rest,” until all players are able to log in.

Mod Warren notes that any character progress before February 8 is safe, but there are “data gaps” for progress between February 8 and March 4 for that 1%. Are you still affected by the log in issues? Sound off below.


Poorna Shankar