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RuneScape Provides Update on Master Crafting

Event live now through March 23

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The latest Game Update from RuneScape touches on master crafting. Here are the details.

The full update, which you can read here, touches on a myriad of topics. Notably, master crafting is discussed. It turns out the Crafting Guild are opening their door for two weeks to all players, regardless of skill level. The event is live now and is set to run until March 23.

You’ll be able to receive an XP boost for any training activities you partake in with the guild. For the duration of the event, you’ll also receive a 10% XP boost, with a 5% XP boost doled out for training any other skill.

You’ll also receive Master Craft Patches elsewhere during the event. Specifically, you’ll receive 10% more patches when you train crafting, and 5% more patches when you train another skill such as Smithing, Fletching, or Construction.

You can use these patches to obtain rewards from the Master Crafter such as tools, a Master Crafter’s outfit, and buffs which are set to run through the duration of the event. The guild has seen changes as well, including more workbenches, a loom, and a furnace for more efficient Crafting.


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