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RuneScape Posts Update On Log In Issue Fix Efforts, Plans To Make It Right For Those Affected

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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RuneScape has had a rough month. The MMORPG has been dealing with log in issues that have plagued the game since the beginning of March, with the team working to resolve the issue for those affected accounts. Today the team posted an update to help affected players get a glimpse into the learnings from this month, plans to restore accounts and compensation for those affected.

The lengthy blog post goes into initially what the team has learned from the beta, which allowed them to talk with affected players to ensure their accounts were in, more or less, the same state they were when the lockout first occurred. The team reports that the majority of players say their account is in the state they expected to see when they logged back in before the lock out. However, Jagex acknowledges this isn't everyone affected.

This wasn't everybody's experience, though. There are some known issues remaining and there are bugs for us to fix. It's also clear some accounts are more adversely impacted than others. We've already made improvements today in the Beta that have had great initial feedback, but there's still more work to be done for some.

The team then moves onto restoring access to the locked out accounts, stating that they will start the process of "returning accounts early next week." The team does stress that this is only the beginning, and that everything won't be fixed overnight even after returning accounts to players. 

"Based on the Beta results, we are excited to share that we will begin the process of returning accounts early next week. While this is obviously the news everyone has been waiting on, we do want to stress this is the start of a journey rather than the finish line. With our learnings from the Beta, this will be a rolling process, from the way we deploy accounts to the aftercare on hand providing further support as needed."

Jagex will be prioritizing those accounts that they feel are the strongest state back into the game, all the while working on those accounts that had issues to ensure that they get added back as quickly as they can. 

However, it won't be without issues, Jagex says, as they also go on to detail a full list of known issues with the process, including disorganized banks, as well as a reversion of some Perks to their state back on February 8th. 

Jagex also mentions that starting with next week's account rollout, those players affected who don't feel confident in the state of their account can continue to flag issues for the team to work with them after the fact and make everything right. In addition, those impacted are seeing exclusive cosmetics, as well as a free month for those members who were impacted ontop of the comped game time for the lost playtime during the lockout. 

You can check out the full post for all the details, or check out the video from the developers discussing the subject on a stream as well on the RuneScape website.


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