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RuneScape Players to Become Dino Hunters as a New Landmass Appears

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RuneScape players will have a chance to see dinosaurs live and in person when a new landmass surfaces in Gielinor in July. As players learn of Anachronia, they will travel to the Land Out of Time and "arrive on the dino-inhabited island to try and track the dragonkin as he continues working on his mysterious and nefarious plan".

Players participating in the epic storyline will need to have three skills: Mining, Smithing and Divination. Additionally, a pair of quests and level 50 will be required.

Welcome to The Land Out of Time! This lush jungle island may be full of new surprises, but don't underestimate the ancient terrors concealed within. This newest addition to the growing world map of Gielinor is packed with adventure and brimming with mysteries awaiting discovery. Better still, there's not long to wait before you can set sail! It's certainly going to be an exciting summer.

Learn more on the RuneScape site.


Suzie Ford

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