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RuneScape Players Can Go Hoppin' Down the Bunny Trail During an Easter Event

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Easter has hip-hopped its way into RuneScape and players can take part in a special event from now through the end of April. Players will work to support different guilds by completing side-quests and a variety of tasks including gathering "fragments of crystalized chocolate eggs that when combined create a special reward". In addition, players can take home themed rewards such as the Coronation Armor and the Chick-Axe weapon.

This year Lumbridge is hosting an Eastertime Fete and Gielinor’s guilds have turned up to show off their assorted and sometimes peculiar wares. The best in show will win a special prize!

Tasks in this temporary Easter quest include:

  • Cooking a cake pie for the Chef’s Guild.
  • Creating swordsharkuna (a tuna, inside a swordfish, inside a shark – borderline inedible, questionably unethical!) for the Fishing Guild.
  • Helping the Crafting Guild decorate an elaborate ornate egg.

Note that players do not need to be a member of a guild to do its part of the quest. Oh, and make sure to take a really close look at that prize egg, won’t you?

Learn more on the RuneScape site.


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