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RuneScape Plans Next Update For March 29th With Compensation For Those Affected By Account Issues

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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RuneScape fans have had a rough few weeks, and while many are still unable to access their accounts, Jagex is planning on releasing its next update on March 29th with plans to compensate those who cannot log in still at the time.

At the beginning of MarchRuneScape players have been dealing with account issues, with many unable to log in at all during the period. Jagex has made attempts to bring the issue under control, even delaying some planned updates, with the CEO stating that the team is "taking this incredibly seriously." This week we saw the RuneScape developer start to take an invite approach to solve the lockout issue, but as with everything the show must also go on. 

RuneScape is planning its upcoming Easter Event next week, March 29th as the event is "time-specific."

The Spring Festival itself is poised to offer unique rewards for those who participate, but obviously the elephant in the room is that there is a large group of players who simply won't have the chance. Jagex has stated in their tweet that those who still aren't able to log in will be able to receive the items as part of the "welcome back" package the team is working on to compensate those players for the lost time.

RuneScape's development team has stressed that those players affected won't see any data loss, and while update releases have been delayed due to the issue the team has stressed that this won't come at the expense of any of the content currently planned for 2021. 


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