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RuneScape Plans an Invite-Only Approach to Login/Lockout Issue Starting March 23rd

Steven Weber Posted:
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It’s been nearly two weeks since Jagex confirmed, and addressed, that there has been a widespread Login/Lockout problem in RuneScape, preventing players from getting into their account. To combat these issues, the team at Jagex has put together a game plan, which started with disabling some accounts while they gather analytics that will help them restore all accounts to their rightful, working order.

The initial problem related to players not being able to login, began around March 5th, but the team insists the actual problems that led to the catastrophic problem that Jagex is dealing with now, was created from a “perfect storm” of difficulties. The first issue reported by Jagex began around  February 8th.

The team plans to enact an invite-only beta for account restoration that will begin on March 23rd. A quick summary of where we stand today, and what the team intends to do to get everyone back in the game is listed below:

  • Work is continuing to restore access to accounts impacted as soon as possible.
  • An invite-only Account Integrity Review Beta will begin Tuesday, March 23rd. Initial invites have been sent.
  • We're going to be covering any membership or RuneMetrics subscription on impacted accounts for the next 31 days as of yesterday (March 18th), extending Yak Track and more.
  • Some accounts have had their log in permissions disabled in preparation for the Restoration Phase.
  • Game Updates have been postponed until later notice.

While the restoration team is still optimistic that players will not lose any of their data, the greater RuneScape team initially planned to return to business as usual, churning out updates, and talking about new in-game events. Unfortunately, as the Login/Lockout issue persists, game updates will have to wait a while longer. Mod Warden addressed this in a daily update late last week:

Reflecting on this situation, we also know it's important to the community that any decision to delay major game content releases does not come at the cost of any content plans for the year. This is a balance we'll be bearing in mind and we've seen some great suggestions from all of you on where we can potentially draw that line.

We don't have all the answers in the here and now - we just changed plans after all! - but we will at least hold the release of Rex Matriarchs until further notice. Thanks for all your passionate responses and we'll talk about this in more detail next week.

- Mod Warden/Ryan Ward,, Exeutive Producer, RuneScape

It may be some weeks yet before RuneScape finds itself operating normally. Despite the possibility that plans can change at any moment, and restoration seemingly touch-and-go until players can confirm all of their accounts and items are restored, Jagex has stressed that they are committed to making this right. We’ll keep all players posted on the situation as more information becomes available.


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