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RuneScape Patch Improves Croesus and Glacor Fronts, Brings Fixes

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The latest patch for RuneScape this week aims to bring improvements for the Croesus and Glacor fronts, and much more.

For the Croesus front, the team have updated the requirements needed to enter War’s Retreat. In short, you’ll need to be level 60 or higher to enter in as “standard.” The other requirement includes requiring a total skill level of at least 1000 to enter. Fortunately, you only need to meet one of these requirements, not both.

The Glacor front meanwhile sees the following changes:

  • The minions' health now scales based on the number of mechanics enabled.
  • Improved visibility on minion type by adding their combat style to their names.
  • Changed spawn position of minions so they no longer obscure the boss. 
  • Added a very minor delay to the activation of the shield when minions spawn.
  • The shield no longer provides full immunity to the boss but reduces all damage to 2%. This is to mitigate situations where the minions spawn with the boss on extremely low life - FINISH HIM!
  • The Unstable Core (which is non-interactable) has been moved to a low priority level so as not to interfere with the minions' click areas.

Some more general fixes in this patch include:

  • The female chathead will now display correctly with the Battleworn Armour equipped. 
  • Uncovering mysteries no longer sends multiple chat messages.
  • Tooltip bounds for Runespan overlays no longer overextend to the right.
  • The Mallory boss pet's idle animation no longer causes FPS drops. 
  • Fixed multiple issues in the Kindred Spirits quest.

You can check out the full patch notes here. In other RuneScape news from over the weekend, it was reported Old School RuneScape disabled shared storage due to “unintended item behavior.” Earlier this month, Group Ironman went live for everyone.


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