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RuneScape Opens The Garden of Kharid, New Skilling-Focused Content That Will Put You to Work

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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RuneScape is taking players to The Garden of Kharid starting on November 7th. In this garden, you’ll find some druids who are wondering why this garden has suddenly sprouted in Gielinor.

The defeat of the Elder Gods had an impact, and Gielinor has seemed to be in a period of healing. Then the garden appeared. So the druids are looking for help to figure things out, meaning you’ll have to go cultivate plants, investigate other sudden growth instances, and more. There will, of course, be rewards if you work for them.

This feature will bring new Skilling content to take part in, with three skills in particular key to success: Farming, Thieving, and Runecrafting. Sound like a strange mix? Well, they’re all relevant here. 

How to do some farming because you'll need to plant herbs and check progress of the growth. The Druids will help you out by giving you a new currency that you can use to exchange with the druid Pollitix, and plant around Gielinor. You will learn the Plant Power Farming upgrade that will let you plant multiple seeds in the same patch. There will be diminishing returns, You will be able to harvest the plants you have for more currency, including the herb of the day for bonuses.

Thieving comes in when you need to help yourself to some exclusive items from the druids in the garden. Some of the important targets will be the only way to get your hands on Catalytic and Elemental Anima Stones. This is where Runecrafting becomes relevant.

These stones are new consumable items and you’ll be able to use each to amplify the rune multiplier on different kinds of runes. Elemental for, elemental runes, and Catalytic, for others. There is, of course, loot and additional plants to earn, a title, and some more utilitarian rewards.

For more details, including the rewards table, read the announcement over at RuneScape. 


Christina Gonzalez

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