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RuneScape Opens Its Fresh Start Worlds Today, Offering a Clean Slate For Members to Start Anew

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RuneScape’s Fresh Start worlds open up today, with the opportunity to start fresh on these accelerated servers with special bonuses from now through January 9th.

When it comes to a game as old as RuneScape, sometimes it can feel a little intimidating to try and start from the beginning in a world where it seems almost everyone is well past you. Fresh Start also offers the opportunity to start with a clean economy and accelerated progression.

Currently, RuneScape is  temporarily offline while the team performs a rollback since there was an issue when Fresh Start World opened and players were unable to access them. The rollback will put both the Fresh Start worlds and main game worlds back to 12 PM game time. Fresh Start will then get a second chance at its scheduled open.

Adding the feature is also intended to bring back players who might have dropped their participation in RuneScape and want a good way back to feel like they're transitioning back in. After these servers close on January 9th, all of the Fresh Start accounts will transition back to the main game so this is a chance to get a start and get off and running without feeling like you have 21 years of an already in full swing player-driven economy and challenges in your way. 

While this is also aimed at players returning, current players getting a fresh start on a new alt having the opportunity to level on a clean slate is also something they're looking to support. 

Participation on these servers will require membership on a brand new account, though existing players may use a workaround that lets you use Bonds to start the new membership. 

For more on Fresh Start Worlds, the rules and all of the bonuses you can take advantage of, head over to RuneScape.


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