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RuneScape Opens First Battle Pass Season: Hero Pass: Underworld, With New Reward Types, and Changes

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RuneScape has launched its brand new Hero Pass battle pass system and a newly-transformed season with over 100 possible rewards to claim. The first season, Hero Pass: Underworld, is tied to the recent launch of Necromancy, and is live now.

The  new system replaces Yak Track and the Challenge system. Yak Track offered a number of cosmetics and rewards to claim, but was an event that only happened periodically. Plus, you had to play within the event period and complete challenges or miss out. There are rewards available for all membership levels, including free players, with upgrades to Premier level available (or included if you have a Premier-level membership). 

Part of the Jagex team’s stated goals is to have reward goals available consistently, in an “always-on” way that integrates with the greater experience of playing RuneScape–for however you play it. 

Another change is the seasons will be longer, refreshing every three months. Not only are there more than 100 rewards to possibly claim, depending on your membership level, there are 120 levels of content, 99 standard, and 21 heroic for those who want even greater challenges.

The new format means there are daily, weekly, and special missions to take on. Special missions change for each new themed season. The simplest one to complete this time around if just for following the new Hero Pass tutorial.

Not only can you earn yourself some shiny new cosmetics, but you can also earn a whole series of new reward types and rewards overall that the team has upped in quality and improved in anticipation of this big change.

New reward types include content buffs. Some of these are themed to the season, and the new season, Underworld, features things like Headhunter, which lets you choose your own Slayer task, and Trailblazer, which reduces the number of steps you need to solve a clue scroll and stacks with other clue scroll reductions.

Of course, there’s a lot more to get your hands on, with new types of cosmetics.

“For Hero Pass: Underworld, we're excited to debut with some brand new types of cosmetic rewards including:

  • Combat ability overrides, including the first ever Conjure ability overrides
  • Underworld themed cosmetic overrides for skilling items
  • Skilling overheads (not seen since the 15th anniversary!)
  • Weapon overrides, including a Chakram weapon with unique animations
  • Outfit overrides
  • Pets”

The RuneScape team has shared more details, a FAQ, and the full rewards table in the Hero Pass: Underworld launch devblog.


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