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RuneScape Mobile Downloads Encounter Problems Ahead of Launch

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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RuneScape is set to launch on mobile today, but things haven’t been going so smoothly with downloads. You may have noticed if you were trying to download the game on either iOS or Android yesterday. Here are the details to catch you up.

The issues seemingly started yesterday afternoon with traffic tanking download speeds and causing log in problems. The official account Tweeted,

According to the replies, it looks like people were experiencing a range of problems from not seeing a keyboard to log in, to simply just installing the game. Apparently, it seems to have affected the PC client as well.

Later in the day, the team issued an update to the Android client, asking players to download the update from the Google Play store aimed to reduce issues. They also recommended allowing the cache to fully load.

The team shared later their team was continuing work on the loading and caching issues, and that they were noticing better results.

If you’ve seen your own issues mitigated, do sound off below. In the meantime, you can catch up on our RuneScape interview where we had the chance to sit down with Jagex and talk about the mobile version. You can read that here. Specifically, we asked about controls and interface and how that may provide to be limiting for content.

Jagex’s Dave Osborne explained,

“Our aim is that mobile and PC are mutually beneficial and that they are additive to each other. We will only bring mobile elements to PC if the players call for it, or if they clearly benefit both experiences. We’ve seen that happen already, with things including the environment cut-outs, where you can see your player’s silhouette through walls and trees on mobile, and that has made its way to PC.”


Poorna Shankar