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RuneScape Marks 300 Million Accounts With New Event, Free Glasses, and Lots of Rewards

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RuneScape is marking 300 million accounts with an event, because it's always a good time to celebrate. This week's update also includes fixes, changes to the Abyss and the Wilderness, as well as an announcement of the next double XP event.

RuneScape is celebrating 300 million accounts,  which, even as an older game, is pretty significant. As a result, there will be an event where you can collect some new cosmetics, the 300 million Keepsake glasses, which are free to all, and a lot more collectibles.  

As part of the event, go to the Grand Exchange and get your keepsake glasses, which are typically over the top, and then you'll be tasked with cleaning up balloon fragments from a failed party. As you play the game, and earn XP, you'll get balloon fragments too. Using a Treasure Hunter key will also get you some fragments. 

For every 200 fragments you collect and trade you'll get a special balloon that will give you rewards. Some of these rewards could mean special cosmetics exclusive to the event, collectibles, or GP. There will be other opportunities to get fragments and potentially get better balloons. The balloon you get will be different and gold balloons are the best of all, containing a guaranteed token for a platinum armor cosmetics set or 300 million GP.

Double XP will run from this Friday until Monday, August 22nd. You'll be able to choose what 48 hours during the event time you'll take full advantage of your double XP time. Or trade some time for credits.

Also in the update are changes to the Abyss, where you can now enter without being opted into PVP. If you runecraft via the Abyss you'll still get it 250% runecrafting XP bonus even if you are opted out of PVP. The Wilderness update gets some new fixes to make Slayer Chests work properly.

For full details, head to RuneScape


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