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RuneScape Makes Instakills More Distinguishable, Polls the Community on Fresh Start Worlds

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RuneScape  is winding down January events and  tweaking death costs changes again. Jagex is also polling the community on Fresh Start servers.

When it comes to Fresh Start Worlds in RuneScape, it was run as a limited-time event, as many studios do. The team is asking for opinions from participants on what they liked, hated, and what additions or changes they’d like to see if Jagex runs future Fresh Start events in the future. There's also a stream on Wednesday, February 1st, with Lead Designer Mod Jack on design decisions. That begins at 17:00 game time.

This month in RuneScape, it has been a post-holiday break edition of rewards and ongoing bonus events as we head into February. There are just a couple of days left to enjoy Frank’s Free Chest and Loot Rooms in Treasure Hunter.  Rainbow Trail will start February 2nd in Treasure Hunter, so there's still time to get your hands on some rewards, but the first phase ends February 1st.

Other changes in the patch include further tweaks to Ring of Death. With the decision to greatly cut death costs, there was the question of what to do with Ring of Death. Jagex changed it to give you a limited time to come back and finish the battle if you could. Yet, there were some issues having to do with instakill mechanics. So there are another round of changes here to keep looking for the sweet spot to balance having this item. 

Most of the changes apply to Ring of Fire, particularly around bosses and phases that include instakills. For one, those instakills are now clearly marked and defined. Before, they had multiple forms but shared the same visual effects. Full instakills are just that and will say so, with no signs or  RoD allowed. Soft instakills will have a new starting damage and if this is your fate, you will be able to use signs and Ring of Death. 

Read the full info over at RuneScape.


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