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RuneScape Login Issues Press On - Team Assures Players 'No Accounts Have Been Lost'

Steven Weber Posted:
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RuneScape has been having ongoing login issues since March 4th, and while the team initially believe that they had squashed the problem, new problems have surfaced, worrying players about their accounts.

Jagex has been working on the problem diligently, insisting to players that they are working through the weekend to make things right. Yesterday, a statement from the support team was released, that lets players know that if they are experiencing issues, they should contact Jagex through their support ticket system, and that the possibility that players may lose their accounts, or become permanently stuck, is not in the cards.

We're reading your messages and know some of you are concerned about accounts being lost. To be extra clear: this is a temporary issue - no accounts have been lost or will remain permanently stuck.

The coffee is flowing, and our teams are working throughout the weekend working on solutions, so please hang tight. We truly appreciate your continued patience and understanding. We'll keep you posted with any further news as we have it.

- The RuneScape Team

The statement followed their original news post detailing the login issue in earnest. Players may see the message “Error loading your profile, please contact customer support” when logging in. They mention they have been able to bring the server in question back up, but that the accounts affected are “stuck” and they are working to resolve that specific issue. Because of these issues, the team has postponed an update that was meant to go live Monday. Hopefully, all of those affected will have their issues resolved before too long.


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