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RuneScape Kingdoms Tabletop RPG and Board Games Opening Preorders Soon

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Steamforged Games and Jagex are preparing to open preorders for the two RuneScape tabletop games they have partnered for - one an RPG and the other, a board game. The games, announced last year, will let you extend (or start) an adventure in Gielinor in a new way.

RuneScape Kingdoms: The Roleplaying Game will be familiar in style to any tabletop RPG fan. The role-playing game has its own bespoke system that the teams created specifically for RuneScape Kingdoms. They want both experienced RuneScape players and new players to be able to play, so there are some streamlined rules to play with, along with a detailed guide to that an interested game master doesn’t even need to be too familiar with Gielinor before taking on the GM role. There’s a three d6 dice mechanic and the guide and the setting should let a GM set up a RuneScape campaign with character creation, information on magic, prayer systems, crafting, and of course a RuneScape bestiary that features classic monsters and bosses.

Both of these teams have partnered with these tabletop games to both appeal to fans and to try and get new players interested. Pre-orders for both will begin on September 29th, and the table top RPG will also get expansions. The RPG will also have a Collector's Edition from Steamforged exclusively.

The board game,  RuneScape Kingdoms: Shadow of Elvarg is also a good introduction, since players will be exploring Gielinor in quests that are directly inspired by the MMORPG. This will work best with multiple players, since the campaigns here are more cooperative and you get to go on questw together, learn skills, meet some classic characters and new ones, craft your gear, and even get taken off the beaten path by side quests.  expect inspiration from the MMO in all corners, from the bosses, your ability to earn yourself some brand new capes, and even baking cakes to save Gielinor.

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