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RuneScape Is Coming To Steam On October 14th, Mobile Delayed Till 2021

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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RuneScape, one of the longest running MMOs on the market, is finally making the jump to Steam. Announced via  a post on the official website, fans of the game can join adventurers on Steam this October 14th. However, those looking forward to a full mobile launch will be waiting now till 2021, according to Jagex.

The legnthy post by Mod Warden details the teams thoughts behind RuneScape's move to Steam, and how this move can potentially open up the game to even more players.

As we look to the future, we are not just committed to improving the world of RuneScape but also to making sure that beating heart of the game - the presence of players - is as prevalent as ever. To do that, we're setting out on a new mission; bring RuneScape to new places, find new adventurers from new locations, and make RuneScape a more accessible, more cross-platform MMORPG that you can enjoy anywhere.

That journey begins with our arrival on Steam. It brings RuneScape, one of the world’s largest MMORPGs, to one of the world’s ultimate gaming destinations. It connects us to a huge new community of PC gamers that we can appeal to for the very first time. Together, we can welcome them and show them just what RuneScape and its community have to offer.

Warden also talks about the work the team has in the coming months as well, such as the launch to mobile, acknowledging the testers involved in bringing RuneScape to mobile devices, as well as some of the work they still have to do.

This means improving the early game experience, onboarding and readability, and optimising our UI – from refining text, content, interaction and hitbox sizes, to engine improvements and stability that support flexibility across the widest array of possible display sizes. While some of this work will be focused on making the mobile experience the best it can be in these areas, much will improve the experience on whatever platform you choose to play on.

As a result of the work the team still has to do on the mobile front, Warden confirmed that the mobile launch of RuneScape has slipped into 2021. 

The move to Steam follows other MMOs making that jump, such as Star Wars: The Old Republic recently. The offical Steam page is live if you want to wishlist ahead of the October 14th launch. You can read more about the launch and the mobile delay on the offical post on the RuneScape site.


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