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RuneScape Is Celebrating 20 Years With A New Veteran Cape

Joseph Bradford Updated: Posted:
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Ever wanted to show off how long you've had an active account in RuneScape? Jagex is giving you the ability to do so thanks to a new veteran cape reward. 

Celebrating 20 years of RuneScape, Jagex wants players to be able to showcase it in style. If you've had an account since the 27th of February, 2002, you're able to collect the new Cape in game. The cape itself sports two large "X's", basically the Roman numerals for "20", along with some large tassels hanging off the sides. 

"Have you been ‘Scaping since the start? Celebrate 20 years of playing RuneScape with the new Veteran Cape!

Membership – and the concept of Runedays – were only introduced on the 27th February 2002, so this year will be the 20th anniversary for some of our long-term committed players. We thought it would be nice if you long-haulers had a snazzy Cape to equip."

Thankfully, if you're not quite there yet, you can still earn the cape once you do get there. While if you've had the account active since February 2002 you can claim it now, those still waiting can do so after their account hits the 7278 days mark. 

In addition to the new Veteran Cape, this week's patch notes see tweaks to some of the familiars that aren't nearly as used as the Ripper Demon famliar. This means boosting the Hellhound's damage reduction passive, as well as increasing the Blood Reaver's HP and healing-to-damage passive effect. You can check out the full patch notes and more on the RuneScape website.


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