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RuneScape is Available on Steam Today

Steam Adventurers - Tally Ho!

Steven Weber Posted:
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RuneScape is now available on Steam, for all those players who have wanted to give it a try, but were waiting for all the benefits that a Steam release provides. In that same avenue, RuneScape Steam players will be able to earn achievements, trading cards, and a Steam Goody Bag.

RuneScape players excited to pop into the game on Steam will be rewarded with a goody bag, as long as you log in between October 14th and November 14th, and have the Burthorpe Path completed, at level 100+. All players are eligible to earn the goody bag.

In addition to those goodies, Steam players will also be able to earn the following:

  • 20 New Achievements
  • 15 Trading Cards
  • Special Steam Customizations
  • The Ability to Link RuneScape and Steam Accounts to Continue Your Progress

Member packs are also available on Steam, ranging from the RuneScape Starter Pack that is deemed “perfect for first-time members” all the way to the RuneScape Max Pack which has a full 12 months of RuneScape membership, and a ton of extra items and cosmetics, for the RuneScape player looking to adventure to the max.

If you’re just getting started, you may also want to check out the other community posts that Jagex has posted for the Steam community, which includes details on their combat in RuneScape and a previous post last week on skills and questing. If you’re interested in learning more about RuneScape check out a recent developer interview which has a ton of information about how the game has evolved through the years.


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