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RuneScape Introduces Wilderness Flash Events and Two New Mini Quests

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Last week, the RuneScape team announced that there would be no new content changes, as there was a team game jam (which has produced some features added to the game in the past) planned.  At that time, Jagex promised an announcement on Monday and new content this week, and now we know just what that is: Flash Events and mini-quests.

The new mini-quests are intended to bridge the gap between Daughter of Chaos and the last major content update of the year. Two are now available and a third is coming.

Flash Events are repeatable mini-events based in the recently reworked Wilderness for both players looking to battle it out for rewards and for skilling players. This comes as the rework had focused on combat and leveling Slayer, so this broadens the appeal of spending some time in the Wilderness.

These new mini events are designed to be quick opportunities to get in and take on what the event of the hour is. They will rotate hourly, and there are currently 13 possible events that could spawn, ranging from skilling tasks to encounters with the King Black Dragon. Most of them are intended to be finished quickly,  and the win condition will scale based on the number of players taking part in that event. Each event will also have a time limit that will be a failure condition. 

There will be a schedule so you'll know just what events are coming and can plan for the ones that interest you. Jagex has posted a full guide to all of the events, so you can get an idea of just what to expect. One skilling event will have you encounter a swarm of butterflies, where you have to catch only the non-dangerous ones and avoid the poison of the dangerous kind. One of the combat events involves a mob of spiders of mixed type spawning.

If you take on one of these events, you can get XP and loot from the Wilderness Flash Events loot table. Expect the chance to get the new Wilderness Obelisk or the Flash Event teleports, among the better items. For some special encounters, you might see a Dark Onyx Core drop. This can be activated and used to transform higher level skilling items into better items. You can also trade them.

For more, head over to RuneScape.


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