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RuneScape-Inspired RPG Melvor Idle Will Expand With Atlas of Discovery DLC in September

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Melvor Idle, the RuneScape-inspired independent RPG from Games by Malcs and published by Jagex, will be getting a new DLC in September. 

Atlas of Discovery will release on September 7th on PC via Steam, Android, and iOS. The DLC adds two new skills, and a new game mode, along with other content to dive into. 

The two new skills on the way are Cartography and Archeology. This will let you explore the world with the cartography skills so you can open up new areas on the world map. Archeology will let you amplify that exploration by getting a look into the world's past. Not only will you be able to increase your  skill levels, but you'll be able to also discover new artifacts and dig into more discoveries.

The new game mode is called Ancient Relics mode, so if fits very well with the Archaeology skill and the new ways you can make discoveries. This is just the beginning, because the DLC also adds over 600 new items, and more stuff to do. There will be eight new combat areas, three new Slayer areas, along with five new dungeons, to take on. With the addition of all that new content, expect 46 new monsters to also join the fun.  

There will also be 10 new pets to collect, and a number of other additions to the world. Among them are two new trees in Woodcutting, two new ore nodes in Mining, and two new potions in Herblore. To accompany skilling, there are new items that you can create in Smithing, Fletching, crafting, and Runecrafting. 

A new combat mechanic, Barrier, is also being introduced, along with a new summoning familiar for Barrier that will synergize with many of the existing familiars already included. There's also a new Unholy prayer book with 17 new Unholy Prayers, in addition to a number of new spells, a new Astrology constellation, and even some new skill upgrades that will be available in the shop

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