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RuneScape Gives Timeframe on Daily Challenges Return, Adds Special Rewards to Ease the Wait

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RuneScape’s Hero Pass unwinding is happening, but the team has an update on efforts to restore Daily Challenges, and some timelines to consider. There’s also some new possible daily rewards to ease the transition, two Treasure Hunter updates, and more.

The Hero Pass launch was less than smooth, to say the least, so the RuneScape team promised to disable a number of paid options and remove the content buffs before an overhaul down the line. Those changes were successfully made last week, but the team has updates on  some of the rest of the work on the way. As part of the promised changes, they intend to restore Daily Challenges and leave them up as a standalone feature that you can take on without ever using the Hero Pass. The Hero Pass itself will be entirely reworked, but the current pass is still live since some had begun making progress.

The return of Daily Challenges is taking more time, and there’s an update on timing. The current estimate seems like this should be back in early October. To help make up for the issues in this case, there are three Treasure Hunter keys and three Large Prismatic Lamps in the Daily Mission rewards rotation while this work is going on.

Speaking of Treasure Hunter, tomorrow starts Rainbows End for one day only. You'll be able to potentially walk away with some lamps, stars, and rainbow themed items. After this one day Treasure Hunter event, on September 21st, Vault of Riches settles in until September 25th. The Hall of Fame Walk Override might be yours. Even if you don’t snag that one, The new rewards system will guarantee you certain rewards from the vaults if you don't already own them. There's some more incentive to take part. with the keys from daily rewards rotations, this could be easier.

The RuneScape team is also set to reveal some of the projects that resulted from the most recent dev game jam.  

In the patch notes, there are several changes related to the Hero Pass work, as well as a number of fixes, and a rework to some damage buffs that were not boosting damage as expected.


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