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RuneScape Gives Love to Fletching and Firemaking in Newest Skilling Update

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The latest RuneScape update is  a special Skilling update for Fletching and Firemaking. Take advantage of new trainings, new arrows, and new training methods. These updates come ahead of both a double XP event and a Yak Track late in the month. 

Fletching and Firemaking get new training, which you can begin if you’ve completed Elder God Wars: Extinction and have reached at least 82 in these skills. If that’s you, you can head to Anachronia Farm, a members-only dinosaur farm, and help out with collecting poop from the dinosaurs hanging around, in order to make special fertilizer. This has a point, since if you complete the task, you’ll get some T95 arrows. 

This is just the beginning, because through training, a few tasks, and work, you’ll be able to create Dinarrows and Elder God Arrows. Save them to use (they’re consumed) or sell them for a nice price. Firemaking can be trained up as well, once the right dinosaur eggs have been properly incubated. That fertilizer you helped make? By feeding some dinosaurs you'll be able to refine it into a propellant that you can use for creating those Dinarrows.

Because you can sell or trade these items, if you’re looking for a few to complete your own training, there’s nothing that says you can’t pay for what you might need if you prefer that way.

Later in the month, after you’ve had the chance to skill up in both of these, there will be a double XP event running from May 20-May 30th. You will be able to take advantage of 48 Hours of Double XP bonuses that you can use over the course of the 10 days. 

This leads into the next Yak Track event which will return on May 30th and run through July 24th. This one is Iaia themed, and there will be more info on that soon.

For more on the update, including tasks and rewards, head over to RuneScape.


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