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RuneScape Getting Four Month Long Fresh Start Worlds Event Starting in September, Old School in October

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RuneScape recently celebrated the creation of 300 million accounts over its history, and now Jagex has a new surprise in the works: Fresh Start worlds. These new worlds will let interested players begin their adventures in Gielinor fresh and on an even playing field for a four-month, accelerated progression event with a fresh economy.

If you came to RuneScape after the days where things were fresh and new, then you started in a world where some players were long well-established, the economy had its ups and downs and players already left their marks on it, rare items were already going for a high price, and the world was already impacted by others. Here’s your chance to start fresh at the same time as other takers for this new accelerated event.

The event will launch on September 12th for RuneScape. If you participate, expect an even playing field, an XP boost for faster leveling, gameplay boosts, and rare tradable rewards as an enticement. This will run for four months in total.

You’ll be able to bring your new character to the core game at any time, along with any rewards, cosmetics, and naturally, those rare tradable rewards. So for the full four months or just some of it, there will be opportunities that many RuneScape players haven’t ever been able to experience.

For Old School RuneScape, things will work a bit differently. This event will start in October and there will be no XP boost. There will still be a level playing field, a brand new economy, and high scores and world firsts to be claimed. Instead of an accelerated experience, it is designed to bring back the depth and challenge of a fresh start in OSRS. You will also still get to keep your fresh start character, but instead of being able to transfer at any time, your characters will be transferred onto a main game server 6 months after the fresh start servers launch. 

For more on RuneScape fresh start events, see the announcement here.


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