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RuneScape Fort Forinthry Season Concludes With New Classic Style Dungeon

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With the RuneScape Necromancy update fast approaching its August 7th release date, it's now time to conclude the Fort Forinthry season. Today,  the new Dead and Buried quest arrives, taking a classic dungeon crawling approach.

When Unwelcome Guests concluded, Zemouregal, the necromancer who had amassed a horde of undead, had disappeared behind a mysterious door. Now, to conclude business, you'll have to go through the dragonkin door into the Wilderness Crypt and into the dungeon below the Wilderness to confront him. In announcing this new update, the RuneScape team is emphasizing that this is a classic dungeon crawling RuneScape quest, so expect puzzles, combat, and confrontations that you'll need to prepare for. 

Another aspect of the update is a new Ranger's Workroom that will give you upgrades to the Fletching skill. These skills and more are going to be in your interest to upgrade because the Fletching building is a new upgrade for the Fort and you will want to leave your fort protected while you chase after Zemouregal. You'll want to arm your guards with crossbows and you can do that with the Fletching building and by skilling up in Fletching. If you use the new Ranger’s Work room, you'll be able to unlock one of the Wisdom of Anima perks and if you do that, you can create the most powerful Elder God Arrows. 

Fort Forinthry: Dead and Buried marks the end of what has been significant updates by adding the fort, its many buildings and uses, the added bonuses you can unlock and continue to benefit from, and of course, the season with its story and various chapters. That this chapter ends with you chasing after and working to defeat an infamous necromancer is intentional, but we'll see where things go with the undead and see if they can stay put for a little bit before they are all disappeared.

See more on the update at RuneScape.


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