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RuneScape Extends Free Death Week, Adds New Ultra Rare Items, and Tweaks Zamorak Battle

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With last week’s arrival of Zamorak, Lord of Chaos, to RuneScape, along with the Legacy of Zamorak update and storyline, the team also added a free death week. That free death week has been extended. This week also brings some new changes and fixes based on player feedback on the new content.

The extended free death week will now be two weeks and run through July 18th, so feel free to go out there and take on Zamorak or any boss you’d like without risk of losing anything but consumables used in the fight. It’s a little reprieve that will let you have a chance to learn the ropes of even the more difficult encounters, like Zamorak, or maybe finally break through on another fight you’ve been stuck on. 

There’s also a new Zamorak total kills  quickchat in group and solo encounters. Flex. The team also fixed some crashes, typos, and a number of practical fixes.

Updates to Zamorak’s fight include tweaks to the mobs inside the Zamorakian Undercity, some of which will start with lower base XP but scale to a slightly harder level than before. A little break early. Some mobs also see their numbers changed and reduced to lower the number needed at lower Enrages. Also, the team “fixed an issue causing the Zamorak Boss to spawn his minions in the wrong locations”. A busy week for minions, it seems. 

New items are always worth some attention, and the Treasure Hunter: Foresight promotion New items have been added to the  ultra rare prize pool, above purple,  in order to be extra special. The new items include Superior knowledge bombs, which will give you double XP for an hour,  and Protean and Dummy processors, Which will let you process a high-volume of items in one action. You can process 75 Dummies or 2,000 Proteans at a time before it breaks, and will work on all of the ones in the game.

For more on the update, head over to RuneScape.


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