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RuneScape Expands Necromancy With New Quest, Protection Glyph Tweak, and New Gem Moonstones

Miso the cat can also get a new look

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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RuneScape is set to expand on Necromancy, and the City of Um, next week, with the new Housing of Parliament update. Expect a new quest, the arrival of Moonstone Jewelry for crafting, adjustments to glyphs and more.

The update arrives on Monday February 12th and the new quest will be live. The Housing of Parliament quest will let you head back into the City of Um to help clean things up and restore the Owlery. Things have  gotten a little run down in the area so  if you have reached level 54 in Necromancy and completed the Necromancy! quest, you can take part in this one. For the completionists who have completed all previous quests, this will be the 450th Quest Point to obtain. 

This update also brings a new kind of gemstone, Moonstones. Get these as drops from Ghost Implings or as a Ritual Disturbances reward. If you’ve notched a Crafting level of 67 or above then you will be able to cut Moonstones and eventually start making new jewelry pieces out of them. These are between Dragonstone and Onyx, and Jagex will add more to learn later.

Speaking of Ritual Disturbances, the team has tweaked Protection Glyphs in response to community feedback. Protection Glyphs, starting next week, will prolong Ritual Disturbances and give you a little extra time to handle the task at hand. 

Also in the update will be Thalmund making appearances in the City of Um on Wednesdays, loaded up with wares and advice. Listen to all of his tales to earn the Friends of the Imcando achievement, needed for the Master Quest Cape. You have to hear all seven tales, with a grace period until March 27th.

Finally, if you’ve defeated Rasial many, many times. One thousand times, to be exact. If you have, and you've found Miso’s Collar, you’ll be able to call upon the cat with a new skin unlock.

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