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RuneScape Expands Archaeology With Daemonheim Dig Site, New Rewards, and a Visual Upgrade

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RuneScape  is offering a new place to spend your exploration and Skilling time with the latest update: the new Daemonheim Archaeology Dig Site. The new location comes with a graphical upgrade to Daemonheim, new Skilling offhands and more.

In the last roadmap overview, the team announced the Daemonheim site, and now it’s here, along with a graphical facelift for the area. This follows a number of other visual improvements the team released, noting that “launched in 2010, Daemonheim has started to show its age”. So, along with adding new content, it just made sense to polish things up a bit. In the overhaul, this puts it with the Wilderness update so it makes the dig site fit in and the more modern feel makes it more engaging. Even the rocks supporting the castle got increases in height to make the overall approach feel grander.

So as for the new dig site, of course there are some rewards to collect for your trouble. New Dragonkin Archaeology Collections are here, and you can start to complete those with scattered pieces all over. You can also earn yourself Dungeoneering tokens, Dungeoneering Wildcards, and Tetracompass pieces from the collections that are scattered all over. 

Complete one of those new collections and you can unlock a new Relic. Spirit Weaver is that new relic and it offers a 50% XP boost when you create Summoning pouches, but only if you craft them one at a time. No shortcuts or batches. If you’re training Summoning, the boost is valuable, but so is your time, so you’ll have to decide which wins out. 

There are those two Archaelogy Skilling offhands too. The first is Balarak’s Sash Brush, Gives you some passive boosts to success rate for excavation and mattock base precision. sometimes it will also grant you additional materials. The other, Skeks’s Hypnowand is for Hunting, offering different benefits to different styles of hunting.

In the update, there are also some balance changes to archaeology to go along with the range of new options.


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