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RuneScape Developer Gives Update On Account Recovery Efforts

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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It's been a few months for Jagex, the developer of RuneScape. They've announced that the venerable MMORPG is coming to iOS and Android this summer, though the team has been dealing with this account recovery issue since March. Today the team provided another update on that front for those who are still affected.

Since March, the team at Jagex has been dealing with an issue which saw players being prevented from logging into their accounts, with the problem being so bad that Jagex has had to slog through an arduous process of restoring the thousands of accounts affected.

Fast forward to today and the team states that as of May 6th almost "every single locked out account" is back and playing in RuneScape. The accounts that are still locked out were "more challenging to restore," and while the team is starting to get out of the woods, they do caution players to be on the lookout for issues when they can get back in and to contact their Aftercare team to get them resolved.

As such, these players have waited almost two months to get back into the world of Gelidor, and the team at Jagex is providing something a little extra for players affected.

"In addition to the two months of Membership time we've already covered if you were an active Member, we've also added an additional two months of Membership to your account (that's four months in total) on top as a thanks for your patience.

We've also sent you two additional in-game Returned Packages (meaning you'll get three) and, when released, you'll also be receiving one more Wish than most other players."

Development on RuneScape didn't stop while the team worked on the issues, however. The team has announced that their upcoming mobile ports will be releasing this summer, officially bringing the full RuneScape experience to everyone in the palm of their hand (assuming you're not still running an Nokia brick). Additionally, players will be happy to note that the team is looking at improving one of the least-trained skills in the game - Divination - in an attempt to make it more interesting over the long-haul.


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