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Runescape Details “The Ranch Out of Time” Update, Patch Notes

Christopher Coke Updated: Posted:
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Runescape is taking things to a dinosaur level. Literally. The Ranch Out of Time update is almost upon us and Jagex is letting us get a head start collecting those delicious, delicious dinosaur eggs. That’s not what this update was about? Thankfully, we also have some patch notes to help clarify exactly what’s new and changing with the game.

If you’re ready to get started priming for the update, dinosaur eggs can officially be collected – if you’re willing to make them orphans. That’s right, collecting dino egg first requires that you kill its parents. For a chance at the drop, you’ll need to take part in Land Out of Time events like The Big Game Hunter or Slayer. You won’t be able to hatch the eggs until the update drops in November but gathering them now is a sure-fire way to get a head start when it does.

Jagex has also shared its latest round of patch notes. The highlight is clearly this:

Seagulls now have the correct sound.

Thank the heavens for that.

If you care about more than proper seagull realism, head over to the official page for the full rundown.


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