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RuneScape Continuing Disabling Log In for Impacted Accounts Today as Part of Restoration Phase Prep

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The saga of Runescape’s login issues continue, though with hope in sight. The team provided an update on what to expect today.

If you missed it, several accounts were having difficulty logging into the game. Even after the issue looked like it was fix, it persisted. It was later reported that no accounts were lost due to the issues. Recently, Jagex CEO hosted a live stream in which he provided an update on the situation including steps to remedy,

“Fortunately the vast majority of players aren't affected, but regardless of how many  players have been impacted,  we know it's imperative to get you back in game as swiftly and smoothly as possible. Everyone at Jagex is taking this incredibly seriously."

ModWarren later posted a video in which he stated that the first step for restoration was an account integrity check. This would be followed by a restoration step. And it’s here where we join the story. In a recent Tweet, the team shared that as part of prep for this restoration phase, some accounts would remain disabled today,

“As part of our preparations for the Restoration Phase, we will continue disabling log in permissions for accounts impacted by the Login Lockout tomorrow (March 16th). This will ensure all accounts are best protected when we proceed with the restoration work.”

Hang in there. And sound off below if you’ve been affected.


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