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RuneScape Begins Teasing 2023 Content, As Legacy of Zamorak Closes With Final Quest

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It’s December, and this means that where there are year-long storylines to finish, they’re over, or soon to be. RuneScape’s Legacy of Zamorak storyline is coming to a close, but not before there’s one final Quest. Jagex has also opened a new Yak Track, and is beginning to tease 2023 roadmap content.

If you’ve been there for the Legacy of Zamorak storyline, you’ve seen a number of story developments and, of course, changes to Gielinor, and even some overhauls. The final quest of the year, Succession, sees you helping Adrasteia in the effort to find and stop Bilrach from completing his ritual. If you’re successful in the quest, you can look forward to a number of rewards, including XP and the final Infernal Puzzle Box upgrade. You’ll also get the Dive ability, which is a version of Bladed Dive that all combat styles can use when Bladed Dive isn’t available.

Speaking of puzzles, RuneScape is also getting a series of mysterious teases of 2023 content. The first coded message went up today, and one new puzzle will be revealed each day through December 12th. In the end, there should be some new info to ponder about what’s coming in 2023. The community will be sharing work on these puzzles with the hashtag #RS2023 .

There’s also a new Yak Track in play, this time appropriately themed. The Winter Trials Yak Track is also introducing a new currency called Yak Coins.You will earn coins every five tasks and from repeatable end tasks. There will be a new shop where you can exchange your coins for cosmetic items all the way back from Yak Track 2 through Yak Track 10. This will be the new way to grab anything you’ve missed too. The new track will also offer winter-themed Cosmetics, bonuses, and even pets. This Track ends on January 29th.

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