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RuneScape Bans Exploiters on Fresh Start Worlds And Adds a Special Cape For the Most Skilled Players

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 Jagex is rewarding some of RuneScape’s most seasoned players with a brand new, typically showy, cape. The team is also battling some exploiters on the recently-opened Fresh Start servers.

RuneScape has been around for over 20 years now, so sometimes Jagex wants to reward some players for their membership longevity, their accomplishments, or some other reason. Today, they’ve announced the Master Max Cape, a new cape that will arrive on October 3rd, rewarding players who have notched 120 in every skill. 

The key to unlocking the cape is completing a crafting task in Falador Park (which just got a visual upgrade) that will let you purchase the cape. If you’ve already got a Completionist Cape, you can complete the task and upgrade that too. The cape is a shiny reward with some significant color that will stand out. 

The team is also reporting that they have been working to ban those players to have been found abusing an exploit on the new Fresh Start worlds. There aren't too many details except that this affected the economy, and they’ve taken steps to correct and eliminate the impact on these fresh servers. 

In a tweet regarding the issue, they laid out just what their response has been:

  •  -Permanently removed the accounts from being able to access FSW 
  • - Removed any wealth on their accounts on FSW 
  • - Removed any wealth identified on recipients of these abusers

These bans are “of varying degrees”, and as is typical for exploit reveals, it’s all necessarily light on details. Yet, it seems like they’ve taken quick action to blunt the effect of this round of cheating. With a Fresh Start world and new economy, this kind of action is warranted, since the level playing field and players being able to shape the economy from scratch is one of the major selling points.

For more, head over to RuneScape.


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