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RuneScape Announces New Date for Fresh Start Worlds, Opens New Wilderness-Themed Yak Track

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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RuneScape  is kicking off a new Yak Track, Expedition to the Wilderness, this time set in the newly-updated and revamped Wilderness. Jagex is also answering questions about the upcoming Fresh Start servers and setting a new date for those to begin.

With the recent changes to the Wilderness, including making it a PvP-optional zone, adding new challenges, risks, and of course, rewards, the new event loot reflects the lore and possibilities. There are, as usual, different rewards on the tracksif you’re a free player versus a full member, but all steps do offer useful and fun goodies.

Some of the rewards for free members include Vagabond Knight’s Longsword, a Small Dwarven Toolbox, combat training dummies, Silverhawk feathers, and an Ancient Necronium Mace. Member rewards are more closely-themed and include a poison spider pet in both red and green, lava lanterns, a medium Skilling Dummy crate, Ring of Gravestones, the Vagabond Knight's staff, Vagabond Knight's outfit, a new title, the scold, Vagabond Knight's book, Vagabond Knight's longbow, and even the Dark Beast pet. 

This Yak Track will be available until October 23rd.

When it comes to the upcoming Fresh Start worlds, Jagex has answered some important community questions and announced a few changes. As a result, the new date for these servers to launch will be September 26th.

Fresh Start worlds will require membership, but there was no way to apply an existing membership to a new Fresh Start character, After community feedback, the team has found a potential workaround. This was decided upon in order to give current members a way to access Fresh Start through gameplay, so you’ll be able to convert Bonds into a new 14-day membership code.

The team has also made it clear that they will be consistently reviewing game balance on the Fresh Start worlds, as well as the eventual effect on the main game’s economy. There are some changes and a pledge to monitor XP and other multipliers regularly. They’re also limiting Bond purchases to one per week, and will also commit to having Fresh Start rewards available again in the future in some form.

Read the update over at RuneScape.


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