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RuneScape and Old School RS Bring Skins, Capes, and the Grind to Smite Next Week in a New Crossover

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A while back, a crossover event was announced between RuneScape, Old School RuneScape, and Hi-Rez’s MOBA, Smite. Now there are details on the crossover, which begins next week, on November 15th.

With a new launch trailer for the crossover, we get a little taste on some of how this blend looks together. Sort of. The trailer features the King Black Dragon, Rune Armor (skin for Bellona), Wise Old Man (a skin for Merlin), Gnome Child (skin for Vamana)  and more as special character skins. 

Also coming in the crossover? A RuneScape favorite–capes. You can equip Skill capes on the event character skins. Yes, even King Black Dragon, a skin for Cerberus, can use capes here. 

The crossover collaboration has 69 capes and you can base your look on what you want it to look like or some achievement of yours. The capes are unlocked by questing, so you'll have to grind for them. But if you love RuneScape, you're no stranger to grinding. One example - in order to get the Master Herblore Cape, you’ll have to drink 3,000 potions. To get the Master Agility Cape, Somehow have to find a way to travel for 15 million feet in Smite. That’s a lot of matches and venturing, but anything for shinies.

Other touches included in the collaboration include a way to change the char to look like it came right out of The Grand Exchange, original RuneScape music, cosmetic packs, and more.

To find out more about what to expect from this crossover event, the Smite team will hold a stream on November 9th to cover all of the upcoming content. This will happen over at the Smite Twitch channel, beginning at 3 PM EST. 

Jagex has been talking about expanding RuneScape and there have been additional crossovers, tabletop games, and more announced, so we can add to that list, this Smite crossover.


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