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RuneScape Adds Polish and Quality of Life Fixes to Combat, Loot and Abilities

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The RuneScape team is offering up some cleanup and quality of life adjustments for combat and bosses, fixes, and open beta for the new Jagex Launcher.

Quality of life updates and tweaks are at the center of the week’s update. Now, drops in Elite Dungeons will have a unified drop rate per clear. This should help you obtain whatever you’re looking for and includes changes for the duos and trios after Eldritch Crossbows. Boss fights are now also able to be measured in milliseconds, so get ready to compete on time for even closer bragging rights. 

One change that the community stumbled upon and has made a reality is the guaranteed critical hit that happened when you used the Smoke Tendrils ability along with the Smoke Cloud or Staff of Armadyl. What was initially a bug, meaning that when these two were used together, it guaranteed a critical strike, is now a fully accepted feature. When the bug was discovered, the response was “interesting” and favorable, so the Jagex team has officially rolled it into the week’s update, with some balance modifications.

Other changes in this update apply to various abilities to give them more reliability, be easier to use in combat, and in some cases, additional effects. Some reward chests were changed in size, and a buff bar icon now shows active ammo in your quiver.There are new dragon, demon, and Undead training dummies at War’s Retreat, and training dummies there now have a 10kdamage cap with a 12kdamage cap for a critical hit. 

While the list of fixes is pretty long in this update, there's also another beta invitation for players in the community. The new Jagex launcher is now in open beta. If you're interested in trying the launcher and what the team promises is an improved login experience, you can download and start using it. Features include an interface with the latest game news and the ability to remember your login info as long as you use it once every 30 days.

For more on the patch notes, you can read those over here at RuneScape


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