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RuneScape Adding Slate of Quality of Life Updates and Tweaking the Wilderness Events to Be Clearer

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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RuneScape  is showing the fruits of its summer game jam this week, with some new quality of life updates being added. The week will also bring new rotations for Fresh Start Worlds, tweaks to the recently added Wilderness events, and additional changes.

This month, the RuneScape team took a week off from changes in order to hold another game jam. The fruits of the summer game jam are arriving this week, with a list of new quality of life updates. Among these changes include new models for unicorns, clearer reward update text and tooltips, the ability to now choose “contribute all” resources to skilling stations on Iaia, and warnings for Blessed Flasks in danger of running out. 

Several quests have also gotten improvements, like The Priest in Peril and The Shadow of the Storm, The Big Chompy Bird Hunting quest, and The Nature Spirit. These were also contributions that came out of the jam.

The recently revamped Wilderness got events this month, and now there are a slate of tweaks for the new feature. Some of the location hints for the Wilderness events are being made clearer. Flash events in the Wilderness will now show a broadcast five minutes before one begins and when it starts. While the schedule of event rotations is known in advance, this simply makes it easier to remember to head over if one you want to take on is going to happen. 

Broadcasts for these events will also not be cut off in chat any longer. In addition, world map icons for Wilderness events will also show five minutes before the event starts. Members-only events will also no longer show up on free to play worlds.

There are a number of other fixes and changes on the way. You can read the full details over at RuneScape.


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