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Runes of Magic Invites Players to Its 10th Birthday Party

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From now through March 31st, Runes of Magic players can swing into the game to take part in a number of celebratory events in honor of its 10th birthday. This includes login events through March 19th and an exchange event beginning March 22nd. Players returning to the game will be able to check out all of the game improvements and new content, most notably in the form of the recently added Chapter V: Fires of the Shadowforge that includes the Shadowforge Dwarf race.

The highly anticipated latest chapter, Chapter VII: “Legacy of the Soulless,” returns to “The Spirits of Despair” storyline that began in 6.4.0 and introduced the Shataem Archipelago — with four of its five islands: Tasuq, Korris, Enoch and Vortis, currently available — bursting with lore, challenging dungeons, and simply begging to be explored. A forbidden spatial rune landed in the wrong hands and is the source of dangerous rifts sprouting up across Taborea. A newly formed group — the Hands of Balance — call upon the heroes of Taborea to join forces and venture forth to the Archipelago to put a stop the rifts and defend the land from certain demise.

Along the way, players will be able to collect a number of goodies and fun experiences.

Learn more in our exclusive interview or head straight to the Runes of Magic site.


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