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Runes of Magic Content Update and Catch-Up Servers Detailed

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Runes of Magic has received a content update in addition to catch-up servers. Here are the details.

Patch 7.4.0 brings with it a new zone, Chassizz, containing an island with new quests, and a new instance (New Pantheon) with five bosses:

  • Czerkonis will put you to the test. Are you strong enough to pass the trial?
  • Lady Timata doesn’t fight alone: she has an army of her own children to fight beside her.
  • The Chassizzene Nex is drunk on divine power and doesn’t want to let go of it again.
  • Nekdar will use his entire arsenal to stop you from getting any further.
  • Zhargos’ ‘Experimental Body Enclosure’ will be your last battle in the Pantheon. Prevent a Chaos Storm from being unleashed.

Also added are a new world boss, a new leveling system, new gear, and temporary catch-up servers. In essence, these servers (for NA and Europe) will allow you to level up to 85 very quickly with boosts. At this point, you’ll be moved to the regular servers and Chapter VII allowing you to begin content there. Here are some important details:

  • The new time-limited catch-up servers will open their doors from 18th December 2019 to 30th January 2020.
  • Please note: You can transfer your characters to a regular server until 13th February 2020. All characters that have not been transferred by then will be deleted.

Here are some details on how you can bring your character over to the regular servers:

  • You can have max. 2 characters on the catch-up server.
  • You can transfer a total of 2 characters to the regular server. This number does not change even if you delete characters on the catch-up server.
  • Once a character has reached level 85, you can transfer it to a server of your choice.
  • The transfer is only possible until 13th February 2020. All characters that have not been transferred by this date (naturally, that applies especially to characters below level 85) will be deleted.
  • All progress and your inventory will be transferred. The following exceptions will not be transferred with your character:
  • Friends list, Nemesis list and Block list
  • Your house
  • Your messages
  • Open auctions – so please withdraw your auctions and retrieve your items from the Auction House before you transfer
  • Guilds
  • If a character with the same name already exists on the target server, you will be prompted to change the name of your character when you first log in.


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