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Runes of Magic Announces 4 Summer Events Throughout August

Four total events

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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August for Runes of Magic will be awash with summer events, with a new event almost every week starting today.

There will be four total events in Runes of Magic this month, including a boost event. The first event starts today and runs through August 10 at 12p server local time, called As Much As You Can Carry. This event will increase drop rate of loot by 200%. So go out there and grab as much loot as you can and take advantage of the increased drop rate.

Event number 2 is called Shopping Fever and will run from August 10 through August 17 at 12p server local time,

“Eve, Frank, Hilary and Owenstein didn’t travel to the coast to relax with all their friends. No, they stayed here to help supply adventurers like you with useful items. You can find them in the Central Plaza of Varanas (Channel 1).”

You’ll be able to grab rewards like the Birthday Cake, Birthday Muffing, the Badge of Trial, and more. Event 3 is called Busy Point Collector running from August 17 through August 24 at 12p server local time. All experience points gained from quests or battles will be increased by 200%, while talent points through battles are increased by 500%.

Finally, Event 4 is called After The Vacation is Before the Vacation and runs from August 24 through August 31. Frank and Hillary are back and have brought back several goodies like the Proof of Myth, Peak Fragment,s and Peak Experience Orbs.


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