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RUNE II Roadmap Announced

By Poorna Shankar on February 08, 2020 | News | 0

The spring 2020 roadmap for RUNE II was revealed on the forums earlier, bringing some much needed improvements.

For example, improvements to combat were outlined, specifically touching on redesigning and retouching many core systems. Ages of Ragnarok will also be getting tweaked, featuring more visual polish. Balance will be tuned as well.

Perhaps most importantly for some, core loop improvements are also incoming,

“We’ve heard your feedback that the core loop of getting artifacts to fight Loki is too monotonous and repetitive. We are talking a lot internally about ways to break that up. What if the Ragnarok Timer didn’t start until you completed a number of actions in an age? What if there was no timer at all? What if the artifacts gave you bonuses within Midgard based on how and when they were collected? Within this core loop, we’re additionally looking at ways to make the world feel more alive.”

Apart from these, UX/UI improvements are coming, along with bug fixing, QoL, and more.


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