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Rune Augments to Bring Six Mobility Options to Players

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The latest Grim Dawn developer update has been published on the game's forums. In this new "Grim Misadventure", the team talks about the Rune Augment system that is coming along with the Forgotten Gods expansion. Rune augments can only be applied to Medals and will provide players with one of six different movement abilities that can drastically change the way any class plays. These Runes can be earned via faction reputation or crafted in higher forms via blacksmith blueprints.

The six abilities players will have to choose from are:

  • Charge, the bread and butter of mobility, allows you to quickly close the distance between yourself and a target, dealing damage on a relatively short cooldown. A core ability in the Soldier mastery now available to all classes, but then why not charge Twice!
  • Vanish, a staple of the Nightblade mastery, hides you from your enemies before reappearing next to a target to strike them on a relatively short cooldown.
  • Rift Tear teleports you instantly to a nearby target location. 
  • Disengage allows you to blind nearby foes and then jump to safety behind you.
  • Leap hurls you across the battlefield to smash the ground at your target destination, damaging and briefly stunning nearby foes.
  • Rush charges to a destination, but not before you smash every enemy along the way. For those feeling pushy.

You can read more details, including more about how Runes are acquired, by visiting the Grim Dawn site.


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