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Rose Online Europe 1.05 Patch

Jon Wood Posted:
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Rose Online Europe has been kind enough to share with us the patch notes for the 1.05 Patch. Have a look and check out all of what came out with the patch on December 1st:

Rose Online Europe 1.05 Patch

  • Weapons and armour refining are now in game Search for Talismans and Bind Runes and you will be able to use them to refine your armour and weapons, adding fantastic special effects to them. But be careful as the more you refine them the more risk you will have of them failing the process, resulting in you loosing the item.
  • Dealer's gem cutting skills are now available A new source of income is now available to Dealers, crafting gems of various qualities will give extra stats to the items they are inserted in to.
  • 3 new items are now in game to drill sockets on items You will be able to use Mithril, Oriharcon and Adamantium Drills to drill sockets on Weapons, Armour, Necklaces, Earrings and Rings for your gems.
  • The new Luna Dungeon “Forgotten Temple” is now open You can find the entrance of this deadly dungeon in the Crystal Snowfield. You better be over level 100 if you want to get out of this place on your legs.
  • 22 new deadly monsters will be added into the game Ghosts, Gazers, Shamans, Knights, Spirits and evil Statues dwell the frozen corners of Forgotten Temple. With the second seat on Carts you can now give your friends a lift
  • Go to Mildun in Junon Polis to buy the second seat cart part. (see screenie below)

Battle Carts are now implemented in game so that you can fight without dismounting You will need battle cart skill books and spare parts to build and ride your battle cart. (see screenie below)

  • Current Field Resurrection option and Return Scrolls are now in game
    • Sometimes even the best are killed by monsters. You now have the option to return to town and lose 3% of your experience or resurrect on the same field and lose 5% of experience. Return to Town scrolls can be found in shops.
  • Bow Mastery skill bug fixed
    • Attack power has been restored for users holding the bow while leveling up the skill.
  • ROSE Online logo has been changed to Winter style
  • Initial cart cool down introduced
    • When you first login in game you must wait 30 minutes to ride your cart. After that time, for every minute you play you get a minute less cool down for your next login. If you play for an hour in a row you will get rid of the cart cool down timer for good.
    • For instance play for 20 minutes = you can’t use cart. Play for 45 minutes, you can use cart after 30 minutes this time and after 15 next time. Play for 60 minutes = no more timer.

For more info on ROSE Online Europe, click here.


Jon Wood