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Role XP Boosts and More This Week in Red Dead Online

Plus discounts

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Role XP boosts and more arrive in the latest update for Red Dead Online.

50% Role XP boosts are now available in All Trader Sell Missions, Resupply Missions and Trader Free Roam Events, and all Moonshiner Sell, Bootlegger and Story Missions. Additionally, a new Showdown Series variation of Name Your Weapon is now available, featuring a new map, the Wapiti Reservation, and more combustible weapons.

Discounts return for Moonshiners, and more featuring 60% off all Saddles, 40% off all Role Belt Buckles, Glasses, Eyepatches, Rings, and Gloves, 30% off all Coats, Stable Slots, the Moonshine Bar, Band Expansion and all Cosmetic Upgrades for a Moonshine Property.

Finally, returning limited-time clothing items, such as the Plaid Cap and Cardozo Vest, are still available until April 27th. You can learn more here.


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