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Rogues, Rangers & Monks (OH MY!) Revealed in May Newsletter

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The Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen site has been updated with the latest newsletter that comes packed with some welcome news for fans with a triple treat of class reveals. Readers are treated to a first look at Rogues, Rangers and Monks. In addition, some sweet details are revealed about the North Tusk Orcs with regard to their lore and design. Lastly, of course, there is the community spotlight and a bit of a retrospective look back at PAX East.

The information on the new classes is a bit scant, but we do learn about each one's favored weapons and a smattering of background lore is provided.

  • Rogues use "terrifying speed and efficiency" in melee combat using only one-handed weapons with an emphasis on the dagger as their main-hand weapon
  • Rangers are trained as "ferocious warrior" in the wild lands and run with animal companions
  • Monks seek harmony of body and soul and become living weapons

Next up are the North Tusk Orcs:

The North Tusk occupy a region they call “Hanggore”, which has become the common name for their area of domain in Avendyr’s Pass. From that rocky, frosty perch they’ve launched several unsuccessful “campaigns” against Thronefast, in an attempt to take back the lands their forefathers forsook during the Deicide War. Yet these efforts have been wholly unsuccessful, often resulting in heavy restrictions on land use, some form of annual tribute, and a token submission of arms. These punitive actions are meant to cause just enough pain and humiliation to keep the tribe from hailing their more capable brethren, and shamed enough to stay off the warpath.

Read the full newsletter on the Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen site.


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