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Roguelite Action RPG Ravenbound Gets a New Teaser Announcing March 30th Launch

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Ravenbound  (a recent highlight of Steam Next Fest ) will launch on Steam on March 30th ($29.99). Developer Systemic Reaction’s upcoming open-world roguelite action RPG got a launch date reveal teaser, and the game will be out in just a few weeks.

The Scandinavian folklore-inspired open world of Ávalt  will be explorable and changing, which should keep things challenging. You are known as the Vessel and you have the Raven, which is a special weapon that was made by the gods to defeat the darkness and chase it out of the world. You can also turn into the raven and fly around the world for quite a different angle on exploration. This won’t be a simple journey, as it has a Souls-like feel, and there are many monsters and much darkness. Monsters like trolls, draugr, huldras, and more that fit the setting and lore.

Not only is Ravenbound an action-roguelite RPG, but there’s also a deckbuilding element that you’ll have to learn to master to improve your odds.  This too will work with your one life. Mastering this will let you unlock some of the most powerful gear and weapons in the game. Your deck will expand when you die, but the cards you pick will be what the next incarnation of the Vessel will draw, so your strategy has to include not only good decisions in combat and where you’re going, and what challenges to take on, but you need to make sure you are giving your next incarnation the best possible start.

The mechanics mean that you'll be able to improve the deck and test things out so each time you start a new run, you should know better what to do and how to gear up or prepare for certain difficulties, maybe even avoid a certain path if it wasn't the right time to take on that particular challenge.

You can find out more at Ravenbound.



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