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Rogue Drones Are Back in EVE Online Through October 1st

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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From today through October 1st, EVE Online capsuleers can check out the Rogue Drones event that allows them to grab exclusive rewards. There are a number of objectives across the cluster "in a variety of challenges". Those who sign on will head to Rogue Drone nests to "clear them out of New Eden" to earn Agency points. These can then be used to unlock upgrades. "The bigger the Drones, the bigger the rewards".

Exclusive new rewards are up for grabs during the limited event, such as the blueprint for a brand new drone type that you can build for your ships, and the exclusive Cryptic Mimesis SKIN for the Dominix, Abaddon, Raven and Typhoon Battleships. Players can also score Cerebral Accelerators as a reward for completing objectives and racking up those Agency points.

Learn more on the EVE Online site.


Suzie Ford

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