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Rogue Company Update Adds New Rogue Runway and Weapon Mastery System

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Rogue Company has just added a new update, featuring a new Rogue - Runway. The update also adds in a new weapon, Hydra, a new weapon mastery system, a shooting range, and new rewards.

New Rogue Runway was raised by spies and she learned just how to use her global fame as a fashion model to become a top agent. Now, she uses a fashion business as her cover. Her weapon classes are assault rifle, and sniper rifle, and her melee weapon of choice is a katana. A slick agent running her shady arms dealer business, she uses gadgets like trip mines and has abilities called Supply on Demand, which involves tossing a briefcase granting infinite ammo and refills gadgets. Fully Loaded is another of her abilities and it permits carrying two primary weapons. Her list of perks, from Berserker, Nimble Hands, and Tracker Rounds give an idea that she's not one to mess with, and also smart to have on your team with support abilities and skills like hers.

The new Hydra weapon is another highlight of the update. Hydra is a large caliber, automatic assault rifle that you can use to do massive damage at long range. Hydra does Body Damage 30, has 24 range, a magazine size of 20, and reloads in 2.9 seconds. 

Weapon Mastery is a new system in Rogue Company that can increase everybody's enjoyment, since it creates a new flexibility with weapon skills. The system lets you complete challenges for each weapon and, once mastered, the ability to swap that particular weapon for use by a different Rogue that uses the same weapon type. The arrival of Weapon Mastery also comes with a slew of rewards and unlocks. For each weapon you master, you can unlock achievements and  new cosmetics, including weapon wraps, banners, and icons.

For more on the Weapon Mastery system, and the full update, check out the Rogue Company update page.


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