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Rogue Company Previews New Gunner, Cannon & Halloween Items

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The newest Rogue in Rogue Company is Cannon, and he lives up to his name, as he outgrew army life and become a Ranger with his machine gun skills. The team also revealed in a special stream some of the other items coming in the next update, and what they're working on, including matchmaking, weapon and gadget balance, and more.

Of course, the new upcoming Rogue, Cannon was a highlight of the stream (and you can catch the Cannon reveal around the 39 minute mark). Cannon's weapon classes are Assault Rifle and Shotgun, meaning he's all about his firepower. Backing him up are his gadgets, C4 and Adrenaline shot. Perks include Shredder Rounds and Toughen Up for this formidable agent. His two abilities are very much intended to make him someone you want on your team if firepower is something you need.

Gatling Gun, his first ability, is exactly what it sounds like, and it fires faster the longer he uses it. And it can be mounted for accuracy too. Conflict Connoisseur gives landing shots the chance to return some ammo to your current gun's magazine. It also extends the timing on Gatling Gun. 

Hi-Rez is also releasing some Halloween bundles and extra fun. the Halloween Trick bundle, a weapon wrap bundle, new skins, new sprays, new banners, and more in a variety of options. Cannon himself gets a ghost stories emote in the Halloween Trick bundle, where he shines a flashlight from below and prepares to tell something spooky. Since Cannon and the Halloween goods are being revealed and announced now, this should mean the update is just around the corner as we wind up September. There’s already an idea of what to expect with the recent PTS notes, as far as balance changes and changes to individual rogues are planned . 


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